Bentner revealed that he had been addicted to gambling so badly that he lost a lot of money

18 May

Niklas Bennner stated that while with Arsenal, they often gamble to the point of having lost a total of 216 million baht and revealing that today does not dare to place high bets. Like beforDanish striker Niklas Classner is not affiliated with Revealed that while staying with Arsenal, the top club of the English Premier League, they were very gambling. To the point of losing around 50 million kroner (the Danish currency Compared to Thai baht of approximately 216 million baht Bentner used to be a rising star. He joined the Arsenal academy in 2004 and made his debut with the big team the following year. But in the end, the person was not able to show good form like many people have set expectation The 32-year-old said: "I lost a lot of money. So many that it's not likely It is difficult to answer in exact numbers how much money I have lost. But if you give me an estimate, it should be around 50 million kroner I always gamble And like to place high bets When living in London Sometimes things will become so extreme that you can't control them at night. And it can end badly Now, I have placed a very small bet. The highest is only 100 kr (about 480 baht) only. "

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